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limo driver chauffeur jobs

limo driver chauffeur jobs We are Public Carriage Office Licenced By Transport for London.
Licenced Drivers are CRB enhanced checked.
Drivers and Vehicles are Licenced and full Insured.
All Vehicles are maintained and serviced according to Transport for London regulations.

Became Limo Driver, Sub-Contracts Jobs Available…

Being a limousine driver is a profession dedication which involves real experience of comprehending the client and Limo industry expectations. First make sure you vehicles is up to standard by doing complete inspection and know how to deal and cater for all the different events. After every events Limo Driver need to know their vehicles mechanical aspects, undertake any kind of minor repairs necessary, and complete the required paperwork, report an incident and calculate charging.

Crony Limousine services are London licensed operator looking to sub-contract limo jobs to owner driving holding a private hire vehicle PVH/PCO Licenced. Click to read more about Limousine Licencing

To avoid customer complaint be good on your reading maps, manoeuvring parking and familiar with areas around town and mark the regular pick up and drop off points. Also, to guarantee the comfort of the riders, limousine driver should effectively get ready their own limousine prior to pick up, this consists of cleaning the and filling it with all events requested requirements.

Vehicle Standards Transport for London requirements:

Stretched limousines must have Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) to be registered and licensed. For those built before 29 July 2011, a Certificate of Fitness (COIF) is accepted.

Fines and penalties

Your limousines can be destroyed or confiscated if you aren’t licensed or your vehicles aren’t properly insured. For other offenses you can be prosecuted and fined.

Limos holding PCO licenced.

Unless the driver owns Limousine which has up to 8 passenger seats don’t require a licence.

Limo Driver Jobs available